We Don't Taste With Our Eyes

Whilst we have done our very best to make the products on our web pages look appealing, as yet, our web team haven’t been able to devise a way of digitising the taste of a beautifully cooked, juicy flake of cod and delivering it to your desktop. And to be honest it’s not something we want them to solve.

In our view there is no substitute for a good old fashioned (or shall we say low tech) taste testing session. After all the stages our fish go through from procurement, processing, grading and packing. Ultimately it’s all about flavour.

That’s why we have always made taste testing the most important part of our product development process. It is part of our DNA and it is something our clients love to get involved with.

Whether it’s a brand new product, or subtly refining the flavours of an old favorite or developing new coatings, taste buds will always be our weapon of choice.


Taste testing session at Three Oceans

If your eyes are telling you good things about our fish, and if we sound like your kind of fish supplier, then perhaps you just need your taste buds to seal the deal. So why not come and join us for a free, no obligation tasting session.

It would be a big help if you could give us a few details about your fish requirements so we can prepare the session to suit your requirements using the link below.