• Combination Recipes

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    Innovative and delicious combination recipes created by our development chefs. Combining two species of fish to create a great flavour experience and provide plenty of center plate theatre.

    Our chefs have also created a range of ‘crumble’ toppings and exciting flavour combinations like Canadian maple and bacon, perfect for premium menu dishes.

    Choose from a range of existing combination recipes or work with us to develop your own unique dish.

  • Batter Coated Fillets

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    Fillets of succulent white Cod, Haddock or Pollock, pre coated in one of our delicious light, golden, crisp and bubbly beer batter recipes or a bespoke batter recipe developed by our chefs to create your own unique offering.

    Our quick frozen batter coated fillets offer maximum convenience and are perfect for high demand catering establishments. They are quick and easy to deep fry and mess free, simply pop in the fryer to produce authentic fish and chip shop style fillets in minutes.

    Conveniently packed and graded to suit your exact portion requirements.

  • Plain Tail Fillets

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    Our prime tail fillet cuts are generally taken from larger specimens of Cod and Haddock. Each one is angle cut and hand trimmed for optimum plate coverage and visual appeal.

    This versatile fillet is perfect for premium recipe dishes, it can be cooked plain with a variety of sauce accompaniments or battered and fried for a premium fish and chip dish.

    Our skinless and boneless tail cuts are graded by full ounces (30g) and available in count packs for perfect portion control and consistency.

  • Crumb Coated Fillets

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    Carefully selected fillets of wild caught Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Salmon and Plaice are rolled in freshly baked breadcrumbs that produce a delicious, golden and slightly crunchy crumb finish, surrounding your choice of succulent fish.

    We have developed a variety of breadcrumb and 'dusted' coating recipes and we also offer a bespoke service, developing new recipes for customers who require their own unique crumb coated product.

  • Plain Classic Fillets

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    Our plain classic fillets of Cod, Haddock or Pollock are available either skinless and boneless or with the skin left on to suit your recipe preferences.

    These simple and succulent fillets can be cooked in a variety of ways as well as battered for traditional fish and chips, we recommend 'fry from partially defrosted' to retain all the natural goodness and flavour. Our classic fillets enjoy an unbeatable reputation for flavour and quality.

    All our classic fillets are graded by full ounces (30g) and available in count packs for perfect portion control and consistency.

  • Premium Loin Fillets

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    Our premium loin fillets are the ultimate 'dinner cut' for which we select only the thickest, most succulent fillets, removing all the skin and bones by hand before taking our renowned loin cut from the thickest part of the fillet.

    Using only the best Cod and Haddock we can find, our loin fillets offer outstanding plated presentation, flavour and the biggest juiciest white flakes of succulent white fish, especially when combined with a crunchy crumb topping or succulent sauce recipe.

    We can supply them plain or from our range of recipe options or if you are looking for something a little different, we can work with you to develop your own unique recipe.

    Our loin cuts are available in full ounce grades (30g) in count packs to give perfect portion control.

  • Finger Food

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    From sharing platters to dipping morsels and fish cakes. We offer an ever increasing range of ‘finger food’ available in a tasty range of crumb and batter coatings. Our range is made with a variety of species and interesting shapes for dipping and ease of handling.

    Our development chefs often work closely with our clients to develop specific lines or ranges of finger food to create new and exciting menu options for todays modern and discerning diners. Get in touch and see what we can create for you.

    Case and pallet configurations can be matched to your specific requirements.


We hope this has whetted your appetite for our products, and how they can be prepared by our clients. Be they a traditional fish and chip shop, pub or restaurant chain.

If you are looking for a fish dish that doesn’t fit into the above broad categories we will happily work with you to develop a bespoke product.

We are also developing a range of gluten free products to give our clients greater flexibility with their menu offerings.