Taking responsibility seriously

We take our Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibilities (CSER) very seriously with regard to the resources we consume as a business and the impact our operations have on the environment around us.

Our business and the livelihoods of the people who work at Three Oceans (and indeed the whole industry we are a part of) depends entirely on a precious natural resource that must be carefully managed to ensure its supply is sustainable. We may only be a small part of the overall picture but we take a great deal of care and place a lot of emphasis on our procurement procedures and the impact they have. We will only take species that are sustainable from approved fisheries that we know and trust and who are compliant with the global regulations of our industry.

Likewise we are committed to complying with (and often exceeding) all the mandatory requirements that apply to our operations here in the UK as well as around the world. It almost goes without saying that as a responsible Company we actively support and encourage the aims of the Marine Stewardship Council to support sustainable and well-managed fisheries and you can read more about this on our sustainable procurement page.

We take an ethical and responsible approach to conducting our business and in this regard our client partners can rest assured that our CSER policies and ethical values are mutually beneficial, whether that be through international procurement of raw product or at our production facilities in Hull. As a supplier of the highest quality frozen fish products to the food service industry, we encourage our clients to expect the highest standards of ethical and responsible practices from us and we are proud of the standards we have achieved.

Of course our responsibility does not end at the point of raw product procurement and we apply the same ethics and principles to our manufacturing, packaging, transportation, energy and human resources. We ensure that virtually 100% of our raw product is used and that waste output is kept to an absolute minimum.

In practice this means that at our facilities in Hull we constantly strive to minimise any disturbance of our local environment by using products, processes, and equipment that are energy efficient and not wasteful of resources. All our waste, including packaging, food waste and liquids, is carefully disposed of only using approved methods and we comply with the 1997 Packaging Waste regulations for recycling and recovery of packaging. Natural resources such as water and energy are closely monitored and wherever possible improvements in efficiencies are implemented. We encourage our employees to share and participate in our environmental targets and reward the origination of ideas that help us improve our corporate and social responsibility.

Of course we can improve and we will continue to reduce our environmental footprint and we actively seek to do this in all our activities. Our reliance on a fragile natural resource helps us to keep our responsibility at the front of our minds and it is never taken for granted.

Our business depends entirely on a precious natural resource that must be carefully managed to ensure its supply is sustainable.