always exceptional

Our passion for fish

Over the years we have seen the seafood industry go through many changes, but one thing has never changed in all that time... our passion for the finest quality fish, one of the world's healthiest and most delicious foods. Whether it's discovering new sources, introducing a new species or learning more about fish, we just love what we do. People enjoy our fantastic fish all over the country in restaurants, traditional fish and chip shops, country pubs and schools and it is our mission to bring the quality, tastes and benefits of Three Oceans fish to discerning buyers right across the UK's food service sector.

Back in 1992 when Three Oceans entered the market our quality focus was the same but the choice was simple... cod or cod. Today as consumption of fish and seafood has grown over the years an ever wider range of species is now available. As the variety of species has increased so has the challenge for our development chefs.

Their expertise is where we bring something new to the table. Providing buyers and chefs in the food service sector with a greater variety of creatively developed recipes.

The product development work done at Three Oceans is its 'secret weapon' and is instrumental in creating new recipe based, added value ideas. Combining creative flair with a thorough understanding of production requirements and processes, their recipes are always conceived with manufacturing in mind.

Working from a purpose designed and specified development kitchen, it is here where exciting new products are created and the flavour profiles of 'old favourites' are refined, all of which are constantly tested on the company 'guinea pigs' otherwise known as their Three Oceans work colleagues.