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Clever kids eat more fish

We often hear about the benefits of Omega 3 and how great it is for our health due to the fatty acids DHA and EPA that it contains. However not many people know how great fish oil is for kids and how it can help their mental development. Recent clinical studies and research has shown the benefits of fish oil for improving our brain's function. This means that kids in particular can benefit from Omega 3 rich fish oils which can help a child's brain develop stronger and faster, and can also improve focus, memory and attention. This is very helpful at school where kids need to focus on specific tasks for a period of time.

This knowledge backed with the requirement from new government targets to introduce fish on a regular basis into school meals has been a key driver in the development of a new range of products, created by our development chef specifically for school kids.

Fish back on the menu

New government targets being introduced mean that fish must be available once a week in primary schools and oily fish should be available at least once every three weeks. In addition, the government's nutritional standards guidelines interestingly state that children should be eating a maximum of two fried items a week.

We at Three Oceans as any good mum or dad know, it's not easy getting your kids to eat their fair share of healthy food. Spoon feeding and stories about how it will make them strong when they grow up can sometimes go amiss. However our attention to these issues are a priority on our product development adgenda and indeed challenge us to create and deliver a variety of healthy, low fat products we know kids will just love the taste of.

Three Oceans has welcomed the re-introduction of fish back onto school menus and developed a range of products, specifically for the school lunch market. Our very own healthy breadcrumb mixture, which has a fabulous crunchy texture whilst being low in fat is a revelation to parents and teachers all over the UK. We actively work with local schools in Humberside to help us develop more low fat fish dishes that taste great and will hopefully become another hit too!

Three Oceans welcome the re-introduction of fish onto school menus and have developed a range of healthy and appetising products specifically for the school lunch market.