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Knowledge is the key to global procurement

The skill of sourcing the finest fish

A key factor in our quest for quality is our instinctive, well-honed knowledge of fisheries around the world and the seasonality of when and where to procure the best of each individual species.

This knowledge has been 'earned' over years of hard work and many miles travelled, making contacts and building a successful working partnership with fisheries and suppliers around the world.

This 'international alliance', as we call it, has been formed with fisheries that are committed to sustainable fishing and who are helping replenish world stocks whilst ensuring a reliable supply of best quality fish.

Our products are only as good as the quality of fish we procure and we are only interested in the freshest, healthiest specimens of white fish. That's why we make it our business to understand every aspect of each fishery from individual boat skippers to the way fish is handled and primary processed.

Three Oceans Chief Executive Tim Rose is at the forefront of the company's procurement process and his knowledge in this field is highly regarded within the industry. A testament to this fact is that Tim is one of only 220 members of the Groundfish Forum, which serves as a meeting place for leading members of the global groundfish industry.

The fundamental purpose of the Forum is to increase understanding among participants in the groundfish industry about global supply and consumption trends and developments for groundfish products.

Tim Rose
Chief Executive and
principle buyer

"It is my firmly held belief that procurement is the key to a successful food service supply business. Only through a thorough, hands on understanding of every component of this complex process can we guarantee consistency and quality of supply.

Our procurement knowledge has taken many years to acquire, learning about individual species, their habits, and seasonality, building relationships with fisheries and trawling fleets around the world. Developing working relationships with our international alliance of primary process supply partners is paramount to our success.

Our knowledge sets us apart and gives us an edge that in turn gives our customers total confidence in the quality, authenticity and legality of every fish we buy for them."